Paulina Starborn also called Barbie is a Strong Charismatic and Feminine Blogger Tv personality and Performing Artist. Paulina was born in Stockholm Sweden and has been practicing Music Theatre and Dancing since she was a little girl. She has been acting in several Tv programs Plays and has been performing her whole life. She has also been involved in completing Elite Cheerleading for several years with matched well with her Determed personality. She became a national celebrity when she starred in her first realityshow ”Young and Spoiled” on Swedish Television SVT 1. The program was hyped and got over 1,2 million wievers and was sent in 10 programs during the fall of 2011. She end up becoming one of the finalists in the show and was short after that about to release her first single with a Girlband shes been working on for several years. Their Musicvideo was directed by Bingo Rimer one of Swedens most famous photographer. She released one single but the drama became to much so she decided to go for a solo carrier instead. In 2012 she was asked to be a part of another Realityshow called ”Queen of the Jungle” with ten other well known bloggers located in the deserted Jungle of Thailand. With her Bloggingcarrier started jumping fast she became a role model for improving young girls self esteem and making them proud of who they are rejecting media and society way too look at how you are soppose to be and look like according to standards and protesting against cosmetic surgery and make girls like himself for who they really are booth inside and outside. No more being insecure because of what someone else tell you and start create your own reality and standards. You are unique and thats the only thing to focus on. Because of that she made up her own diet as a contradiction to all diets out there to make you thin making young girls feel bad about them selfes called the Barbiediet in rude to eat something to make you happy instead. With her Charismatic Pink Feminin Strong Selfcondodent approach she became a big speaking subject in the medial world. She was strongly questioned for being herself but she stood up for her beliefs and concurred the Swedish Jantelagen with a lot of people questioning her and a lot of young girls looking up to her. In connection with the broadcast of ”Queen of the Jungle” on Channel 5 she released her first solo single called ”Never Gonna Let Me Go” witch spread all over Eastern Europe and became listed as number one in Russia before Rhianna and Jennifer Lopez. She ended up making a releaseparty together with the main sponsor of the Tv show and had her releaseparty making a Comersial together with Aussie Wines and a lot of other sponsors. Bingo Rimer also was the photographer behind that commercial after working so well before together. The party was held at a crowded Cafe Opera. Her second Single ”Summer Night” was released in Tunisia together with the well known writer Linda Sonnvik in the fall 2012. Her third single ”Can You Feel My Heartbeat” which was released in 2013 was a real hit in Asia and China and was uploaded in several sited all over Asia. The video was seen by hundreds of thousands of people in just Europe. ”Perfect Life” was released in late 2013 as a contribution of her statement on the Blogg. Her latest single ”Paint Me” 2014 was played on radio all over Europe and become part of Polands Dubble CD ”Wioshna” 2015. The latest years she’s been active in her on company Sugar Pop Records producing Event touring all over Sweden with her own production ”Barbie Tour”.

Paulina has her own company collaborating with Warner Music for distribution producing everything herself together with a number of international labels among others CDF Records Italy.


Paulina Starborn – Hollywood Doll


Paulina Starborn – Never Gonna Let Me Go

Paulina Starborn – Never Gonna Let Me Go (Italy)


Paulina Starborn – Summer Night


Paulina Starborn – Can You Feel My Heartbeat

Paulina Starborn – Can You Feel My Heartbeat (Italy)


Paulina Starborn – Perfect Life


Paulina Starborn – Paint Me (Italy)


Paulina Starborn – Aussie Wines

Paulina Starborn – Aussie Wines


Paulina Starborn – Never Gonna Let Me Go (Behind The Scenes)


Paulina Starborn – Never Gonna Let Me Go (Djoegard Remix)



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